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Embracing Mobile Technology and Applications for Business

Some traditional entrepreneurs baulk at the idea of embracing internet technology for marketing purposes. They’re dubious about the likes of Google and Facebook. The phrase Android development for mobile applications sounds like a load of gibberish. For these old timers, face-to-face interaction is still the key to winning those customers. While this is important, consumer engagement has already taken on an entirely new dimension.

Characteristics of the Modern Consumer

Today’s buyers are more sophisticated than ever. Gone are the days when the claims made on adverts guided their purchasing decisions. They are now wise enough to question grand statements like “best skincare soap” or “number one breakfast cereal”. What’s more, they know where to find verifiable information.

Another important characteristic of the modern consumer is his reliance on technology. He’s familiar with navigating the web and so maximises use of it for convenience. Consequently, he checks his credit card statements and schedules a doctor’s appointments online. Most importantly, he shops from electronic retailers.

Technology really has transformed the modern world of business communication, and in many ways we are very lucky for this. Telecommunication companies can streamline your buisnesses telephone answering services and in doing so allow you to contact customers and clients all over the world with a seamless connection.

Do you share the traditionalist’s mindset? Then you should know that resistance (to change) at this point is useless. Statistics show that online shopping is driving the increase in UK retail sales. If you own a small flower shop in London, you have either to open up to new ideas or your business folds.

Role of Mobile

Digital marketing experts are saying that mobile is going to be big in 2014. Really, you don’t need to see actual numbers to know that this is true. Just look at the flurry of people walking around the streets carrying mobile phones.

The boom of mobile retail isn’t difficult to fathom. Smartphones and tablets are this generation’s “computers on the go”. It is possible to get almost all of your work done using these devices.

How is that possible? Through a host of digital tools called apps.

Of Mobile Apps and Their Benefits

A mobile app is an internet application that runs on smartphones and other mobile devices. This particular kind of software is regarded valuable by users because it connects them to internet services. It is available through application distribution platforms, managed by mobile operating system owners.

Android (owned by Google) is one of the most popular application distribution platforms today. Its prevalence has spurred many web developers to offer Android development kit services to clients. Some even specialise in Android game development.

Engaging these services for your business is highly desired. However, you must be careful about selecting the right developer to hire. Opt for one with an extensive portfolio and has specific experience in Android development. Having his work featured in websites, like Web Design Award, is also a plus.

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